First Rank Bonuses

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There are many people who have received their first bonuses after reaching higher ranks in September and it is impossible to quote them all, however, from the company would like to congratulate some of those who have achieved the rank of Ruby, such as Emilio Espindola and Felipe Espinosa in Colombia, Maria Alicia Jarrín in Ecuador, Muhsen Alshaeb in Spain or Irina Ignatyeva and Sv. Our most grateful congratulations.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Muhsen Alshaeb and Irina Abalakova for their special dedication, since the majority of those who have achieved these ranks belong to their teams and their achievements are also the result of their work.
Infinitum Flame may not be a company offering impossible returns but we do have products and services and a Compensation Plan that offer the possibility of building a stable and lasting business. Distributors who reach the goal of increasing their rank will be rewarded with increased and stable commission revenue.


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