Infinitum Flame consolidates itself as a stable and serious business

Infinitum Flame is consolidated as the most stable and serious business of the multilevel panorama related to cryptocurrencies.

On the eve of its two-year anniversary, the company is preparing to celebrate the anniversary with important innovations that will further boost the growth of its user community, which has increased significantly in recent months thanks to the growth of teams from different parts of the world.
Mexico, Russia and India are some of the countries with the greatest growth but without a doubt one of the teams that has decided to bet more strongly on our project has been Vietnam.
Recently one of the leaders in that country, Nguyen Ngoc Thinh, understood that Infinitum Flame is not just another company, but a company worth betting for and has done so. Gordon, as we call him, made use of his own resources and opened a location determined to publicize our business opportunity. A meeting place where they can train their fellow countrymen on the services that Infinitum Flame could offer them and which is serving to make their work bear fruit quickly.
We share with all of you some images of the open space in Hồ Chí Minh as an example of our leaders’ initiative and how this initiative can multiply the results. Congratulations!

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