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The new Infinitum Card MasterCard

Yesterday Tuesday at the Infinitum Flame Weekly Conference, the image of the new Infinitum Card that will soon be on sale for customers outside Europe was presented. The new card has a new provider so it was explained that it will not be the same as the existing one in Europe, neither in its operation nor in terms of commissions for use but the important thing is that it will allow its users to load it with cryptomoney and use it both for withdrawals at ATMs and for the payment of products and services in any business or establishment that accepts MasterCard.
This card, like the European card, will offer sales commissions for up to 40 levels and top-up commissions for up to 2 levels. The change in this aspect will also affect the old card and will consist of the payment method of the commissions for recharge which will become monthly, with a minimum of 20€ and a fixed shipping cost of 1€ whatever the amount.

This means that the Infinitum Card will be the first refillable card in the world with cryptomoney that can be sold in most countries on all continents and that also offers commissions for its sale and for the refills of its users, becoming a unique and unrivalled product.

The final list of countries included will be published at the time of sale but will include most countries except India, the USA and a small list of problematic countries. In the future we will work to include the US in the list of eligible countries.
As far as the price of the card is concerned, it will remain the same as the European card and three packages will be available.

The normal package Distributor of 80€ which includes the shipment with tracking, that is, 65€ of package plus 15€ for the shipment with tracking. Those who want to include express shipping with guaranteed delivery can do so with an extra amount of 35€, ie 65€ + 50€ = 115€ in total.

In addition to the Distributor package for new users, there will be two special packages for former customers who either did not receive their card or were affected by the change of VISA policy, and for customers from outside Europe who have already purchased the Distributor package that did not include the card.

Customers who have already purchased the VISA card outside of Europe (and they already had the new Distributor category) will be able to purchase this new card for a special price of 15€ plus shipping costs that will be 15€ if it is just tracking or 50€ if it is express shipping with guaranteed delivery.

This special package, due to its low cost, will not offer network commissions as it is intended to compensate former users.
Customers who purchased the Genesis or Distributor package that did not include the card because they were outside Europe will now be able to purchase a second special package to receive their card. This package will cost 30€ plus shipping costs which may again be 15€ if it is just tracking or 50€ if it is express shipping with guaranteed delivery. This package, unlike the previous one, if you offer network commissions in the same way as the normal card, i. e. the Commercial Bonus will be applied on the amount of 30€.

When will it be for sale?
The company has already closed the agreements with the new supplier and even printed cards with the corporate image are already there, but we are still in the process of integrating the application of the Infinitum Card with that of the new supplier, so it will still take a few days to put them on sale. Everything suggests that it will be at the end of November or early December at the latest.

Work and patience finally pay off and make it worth the wait of those who have chosen Infinitum Flame as a serious business built to last in time.

Congratulations to everyone.

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