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The new Infinitum Card MasterCard is already being distributed.

Infinitum Flame continues to achieve objectives and today we are pleased to announce that we are selling one of our most sought-after products.

Infinitum Flame launches the first prepaid card that can be loaded with cryptocurrencies and sold in most countries on all 5 continents.
At the moment there is no card with these characteristics so Infinitum Flame distributors will have the opportunity to offer a unique and unrivalled product, which is also being widely demanded due mainly to the strong growth of bitcoin.
Infinitum Card begins this new stage with two different modalities. The first is the VISA version, which you all know already and which, for the moment, will continue to be marketed in Europe under the same conditions as before. The second is our new Mastercard which we are starting to market today and which can be sold in the other countries. The new Infinitum Card Mastercard has a different operating system and different usage fees. The conditions can be found in “Terms and Conditions” before purchase, but can also be found in the backoffice.

The countries in which we are unable to market either option are as follows.
Countries excluded:

  • Afghanistan.
  • Cuba.
  • North Korea.
  • United States.
  • Ethiopia.
  • India.
  • Iraq.
  • Laos.
  • Myanmar.
  • Syria.
  • Sudan.
  • Uganda.
  • Vanuatu.
  • Yemen.

The Infinitum Card can only be sold to new users as part of the “Distributor”package, but there will be special packages for specific cases that we will specify below:

  • Customers from outside Europe who bought the Infinitum Card (VISA) with a card only package before the Genesis or Distributor packages and were unable to use it after October 15th. These customers can purchase a special package in which the card will only have a cost of 15€ plus shipping costs and will not generate commissions, but will not qualify them as distributors. If you wish to qualify as a distributor, you must purchase the “Distributor” package, which already includes the new card.
  • Customers who have purchased a “Distributor” package outside Europe when the card was no longer included. These customers will have the opportunity to purchase the card in a special package of 30€ plus shipping costs if you pay network commissions (Bono Comercial).

The shipping options for new users are as follows:

  • Europe (VISA). Shipping with tracking (65€ package + 15€ shipping costs) or express shipping (65€ package + 50€ shipping costs).
  • Other countries outside Europe (Mastercard). Express shipping only (65€ package + 50€ shipping costs).

The incorporation of the new Infinitum Card (Mastercard) has implied the need to make some changes to the charging system for top-up fees.
The new card at the moment can only be ordered with a charge in euros, so that commissions can only be charged for recharges made in euros. As all new customers will have the card in euros this will not be a problem except for some people who are from Europe still have the VISA version in pounds or dollars. If you are resident in Europe, have an Infinitum Card in dollars or pounds and wish to charge commissions for card recharging in euros, you can contact support from where you will be instructed to resolve this situation that affects only a few dozen users, but will be resolved satisfactorily.

The new Infinitum Card is a great opportunity both for Infinitum Flame Limited as a company and for all its distributors. Let’s seize the moment!

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