Community Debit Card

Clarification on the new requirements for identity verification

As you all know we have a new supplier is very respectful of the rules of Mastercard.

Our provider works under an English-speaking jurisdiction and therefore requires that users who wish to verify their identity to extend the boundaries are identified with an international passport or failing that with a document in English.

This means that in countries where the identity document is not in English there are two options, either to use the passport or to provide a copy of the identity document with the translation below and notarized.

This requirement is only necessary to verify the card, and this is necessary when you are going to exceed the limit of 2500€ usage.

Only by respecting 100% the rules that Mastercard imposes on us will we be able to guarantee business continuity to our distributors and this is our top priority.

Our recommendation is that those who want to enjoy an international financial product such as our card take out their passport if they do not already have it.

The user who does not want a passport, but wants to verify himself/herself, can take his/her document to a notary so that it can be compelled together with the translation in English of the document itself.

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