Promotional event in Ho Chi Minh City

Yesterday February 1 took place a promotional event of Infinitum Flame in Ho Chi Minh City organized by our leader in Vietnam Nguyen Ngoc Thinh. Vietnam has long been one of the most prominent countries in our trade structure, but now, with Nguyen’s leadership, is when its true potential is being unlocked.

Yesterday’s event was a resounding success, both in terms of participation and the enthusiasm generated. Attendees were able to hear the owners of the company through a videoconference to discuss expansion plans and new developments under way.

At Infinitum Flame we would like to express our deep appreciation to the regional leaders for the effort they are making and for the goals they are achieving, reiterating our commitment to the commercial structure in Vietnam.

We share with you some photos of the event that you have kindly sent us.

Enjoy the community!

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