María Jarrín: The fruit of constancy

Many start our business without knowing if it will really be possible to achieve important results. One of the bases of our company has been and always will be to offer equal opportunities to all those people who trust in our project.

It doesn’t matter if they have been great leaders in other businesses or it’s their first contact with network marketing. To do this, we designed a compensation plan that allows us to generate interesting and sustainable income from the beginning and, of course, to make them grow as our distributors grow their network.

The key to success lies in hard work and constancy, so that even in a relatively small country of just seventeen million people, like Ecuador, a hardworking and hard-working person with a vision of the future has been able to become one of our first diamonds.

María Alicia Jarrín embodies the kind of leader our company wants and needs to be the best network marketing company in the world.

On behalf of all of us who work in this company, congratulations and thanks for your example.

Testimony of María Jarrín

I am María Alicia Jarrín Mera, from Quito Ecuador; Businesswoman in Marketing Networks for 5 years.  I am happy to have known INFINITUM FLAME a year and a half ago with its revolutionary technology project.

My higher studies in economics and finance made me passionate about this new proposal to change from fiat money to digital money in the world. 

Qualifying DIAMOND for me is a responsibility of service and greater commitment to the people with whom I share this new way of generating residual income.
How to do it? 
Take a route to follow:

  • Look for a goal.
  • Focus.
  • Question whether your current route is taking you to your dreams or taking you away from them. You may be walking around doing things that don’t lead you anywhere.
  • Make sure your route is aligned with your goal.

Infinitum Flame provides us with a path to success that we walk along with a team with knowledge and goals that imbue us with their energy, we are heading towards a new destination. DECIDE TO CHANGE, EXPLORE, GROW.
I keep working like the first day, applying the 3D: Desire, Decision, Discipline. Always with the love and wisdom that God gives me every day. My goal for a year is to seduce my twelve fronts to reach the diamond and have them duplicate with their twelve and so on until I have an organization of DIAMONDS.
Blessings to all, I await you.


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