Bit2018: “Blockchain will accelerate the transformation of cities”

Santiago de Chile will be the venue of a seminar on Blockchain and smart cities.

Tomorrow, in Santiago de Chile,  the seminar Bit2018 that will cover the topic of how Blockchain may be an essential technology for smart cities.

Alejandra Labarca, a representative of Somos the New City, the company that, together with DSC is organizing the event BIT 2018, answered to some questions on the subject.

—What characterize the smart cities?

—As their name indicates, their characteristics is that they are smart, and therefore, are the cities that manage to find a harmonious balance in its economic growth, considering the real needs and challenges of their citizens. Economic, social and environmental sustainability are the focus of the smart cities. Another important point is the existence of smart citizens, who are the ones that should be able to execute this task.

—How Blockchain may be a key technology for smart cities?

—The dream of the smart cities has been possible, mainly in the form of pilot projects or as part of a program of public purchases, where the authority of the city includes in its management the commitment for the transformation or “smartization” of the city. Up to the moment the most difficult thing to do all around the world in connection with the installation of the smart cities, has been to capture the “engagement” of citizens. Behind this fact, there is a loss of confidence in the institutions and systems. In effect, the birth of Bitcoin happens in the wake of the economic downturn of 2008 in the United States, as a way of responding to a breakdown in confidence in the financial system.

From that point of view, Blockchain comes to solve the issue of transparency, and therefore the issue of confidence. With a tool like this, I think we are able to speed up the transformation of all the existing systems in the cities:  economic, political, social, and environmental. In a country with so many uncertainties, such as Chile,  the adoption of this technology is welcome.

—Why the event on Blockchain and smart citiesis held in Chile? What are you hoping to accomplish?

—We want to achieve the meeting of many decision-makers of different economic sectors and disciplines, to meet and to talk about a technology that could revolutionize political economic and social situation of Chile. We seek for interest in being part of something that does not exist yet, to build a new way of doing things, with humility, curiosity and willingness to contribute and make decisions. The transformation of Chile and its cities is a pending subject, and national authorities must assign urgency to this matter. Blockchain is the best ally to achieve this.


The event

The seminar BIT2018 will be held next Tuesday, April 10,  in Santiago de Chile. The meeting is organized by SomosNew City and DSC, both companies with experience in projects and knowledge transfer activities, both in Chile and in Germany.

The event will take place in the building Park Titanium located at Aveniva Costanera Sur 2710, Las Condes. It is expected the participation of about 300 people. Those interested can purchase their tickets on the website

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