Sesame Street will tell children about blockchain

Whereas most adults have no clue how to explain the basics about blockchain, Sesame Street is determined to make it all clear for children.

Sesame Ventures, the venture fund partnered with the non-profit organization behind the edutainment series Sesame Workshop, reportedly invested $28 000 000 in a company called Kano that provides DIY coding kits for kids. According to Kano’s CEO Alex Klein, these funds will help the company to expand its educational product offerings into new areas, including blockchain.

“We are also very keen to demystify decentralized networks like the blockchain. We feel that the original premise was build your own computer, learn to code, create the future,” – he said to CNBC.

“But what interests us greatly is building your own internet, learning how networks work so you can protect your data, so you can carefully and creatively open up access ports to other people, exchange files in your own way, kind of take some control back over how these core communication systems in your life work.”

In case of the venture’s success, small kids will get the opportunity to learn what blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies are about.

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