Malaysia becomes the benchmark in the Infinitum Flame development model

It´s summer, however during these summer months the development team of Infinitum Flame have been working hard and finally we have started up the new card and Infinitum Commerce with a fully operational version that allow generating new commissions, although it does not include the geographic locator.

This will also have a positive impact on Qwark and will mean an important growth of the commercial network throughout the world.

Today we want to express a very special tribute to a team that has stood out during this recovery period for its involvement and trust as well as its commercial results. We are talking about the Malaysian team led by Sahnon Ahmad, our Ambassador in Asia Pacific, who with the help of their leaders and especially our great friend Halim, have managed to keep the illusion in their team and continue to establish new relationships that will be of vital importance in the future development of our new lines of business.

Malaysia is a country of special strategic interest for our company due to its geographical location and its ability to integrate people of different cultures and ethnicities and therefore, it has become an excellent platform to expand our business to other countries of great importance to our project, such as Brunei, Indonesia, China, India, Singapore and all the countries in the area.

Sahnon has given us the opportunity to become a part of that universe and take advantage of its potential, and that is why we want to show our gratitude.

We hope to return to Malaysia soon and to share with all of you the celebration of our success.

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