Sahnon B. Ahmad visits our offices

In these days we have received a visit of our ambassador in Asia Pacific, Mr. Sahnom B. Ahmad who has come to Spain to see the new facilities of the company and to consider other important issues.
It is always a pleasure for us to receive our distributors, but it is even greater when he is a great leader with an enormous implication and determination in contributing with his work to enlarge our company.
Our friend, Mr. Sahnom B. Ahmad, has had the opportunity to personally meet our entire development team and the rest of the staff with whom he had already dealt many times online.
Particularly exciting has been the reunion with the founding partners who already had the opportunity to meet on the occasion of their trip to Malaysia and with whom they have a great personal friendship.
This time the topics that have focused the agenda were as follows, the prepaid cards, the startup of Commerce, new business presentation with three well-defined lines and the organization of a large event in Malaysia to meet the demand of the growing user community that grows every day in all countries of the Pacific area in addition to China and India.
Asia has taken the leadership in the development of our community thanks to the great work of our ambassador and we hope that soon leaders from other regions will contribute in the same way at a time when it is essential for the development of the business to increase the community of users and distributors as well as recruit the largest number of quality establishments.

Thank you Ambassador, we hope to see you again soon and we send from here our love for all Asian users and leaders, and especially for our great friend Abd Halim Mahmud.

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