The grand launching of Infinitum Flame for Asia Pacific

As you all know this end of year is serving to complete a project in which we have been working for 3 years with our distributors.
We have concluded Infinitum Commerce that provides a fundamental tool for establishments that want to enter the new market of crypto currencies and we are finishing developing Infinitum Shopping that will mean a new revolution in the sale of products through network marketing.
On the other hand, with our new card we have given a new impulse to Infinitum Payment becoming a set of tools without competition for users of crypto currencies.
This set of events is a culmination that we want to show the world and the best way to do it is through a big event.
Sahnon B. Ahmad and Abd Halim Mahmud, our ambassadors in Asia Pacific, have done an excellent job in recent months that has put our network in Asia at the forefront of the company’s business growth. They have also made a decisive contribution to the establishment of commercial and institutional relationships throughout the area, which will undoubtedly be decisive in boosting the growth of our network of users as well as the possibilities of expanding Qwark as a means of payment.
It is certainly the perfect time to celebrate a big event and Malaysia has earned the right to host this big celebration.
On the 15th we will be in Malaysia in the company of our ambassadors to publicize our project, celebrate our achievements and recognize the work of many of our leaders.
We will have the assistance of distributors, great leaders, entrepreneurs, various entrepreneurs, interested in technology blockchain and crypto currencies, media and authorities from all surrounding countries.
If you can attend and have not yet done your registration, do not wait any longer and contact the organization through this email: [email protected].
We are waiting for you.

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