Meeting with our distributors in Kuala Lumpur

As we announced in the last months, finally we have visited Kuala Lumpur where we were greeted by an enthusiastic delegation of distributors.

The leader of this group is our friend and Ambassador in Asia Pacific region, Sahnon Ahmad, who had prepared several days of events and meetings for us.

Malaysia is a privileged country due to its geographical location and the openness of its residents, which has made it a nice mixture of cultures, races and religions that have learned to live together in harmony, giving an example to the rest of the world.

Due to this particular characteristic, it is also an ideal place to launch any project since its residents, coming from many countries, can transmit any idea or project to these other countries with great ease and speed.

Especially, we want to highlight the great work capacity of Sahnon, together with Halim, which has meant an enormous contribution to the company, followed by many contacts of all kinds and opening new doors and possibilities.

Infinitum Flame has been experiencing some difficulties due to the defaults of the card providers, but the beginning of 2019 has become a great moment of change in which several important milestones have coincided with our trip.

Our greatest achievement as a company is the completion of the development of all the systems that will allow us to begin the distribution of our new application INFINITUM, a new and unique application that will include all the tools we have developed for cryptocurrency users. We will give you all the details in a report that we will publish in the coming days.

To this final development, we will add the launch of our new card that for the first time will be made with Asian suppliers with whom we have signed an agreement that gives us more confidence than with previous suppliers, although the online promotion will remain prohibited.

In addition to these achievements of our company, our ambassador in Malaysia, Sahnon, has achieved the incorporation of great leaders from several countries, as well as the interest in our project of large companies and institutions. In our next report we will give you more details about the important consequences that this will have for Infinitum Flame and for Qwark.

Now we will share with you a couple of videos produced by the Malaysian team, as well as a collection of more than 100 photographs in which you can see some important moments of our trip. There are many meetings that we had and we want to apologize to all those who have not appeared in the selected photos, but they were many and we have not been able to include them all.

In the photos you can see images of our reception, the inauguration of our Ambassador’s office in Asia Pacific, some meetings, the seminar prior to the event and the event itself.


The event was extraordinarily well organized and after a few brief speeches, a multitudinous dinner was organized for many guests. After the dinner, which was enlivened by a dance group, we proceeded to the delivery of many awards and recognitions that ended in a great party.

As we will explain in the next report, this trip has been an important turning point and undoubtedly, one of the consequences of this trip will be the organization of new events in different countries.

We hope to meet you during one of them.