We start the launch of the new Infinitum Flame platform

Infinitum Flame prepares the launch of its products on the Infinitum Shopping platform and wants to take advantage of the moment to thank all its distributors for the great work they had done to reach this moment. For this, we have prepared a series of measures aimed at guaranteeing the success of your work and strengthening our commercial network before starting with the sale of physical products.


Infinitum Flame will facilitate the reactivation of those distributors who are not canceled with the highest category reached for a period of 90 days and completely free of charge.

In addition, to facilitate the sale of qwarks packages now that the value is not high.
All qwarks distribution packages will receive their coins in the usual way, but for a period of 90 days the company will contribute to achieve a maximum value of the purchased qwarks, delivering to the buyer the additional amount of qwarks needed at the end of the period to reach the agreed price.
Here’s an example:
Imagine someone buys a Basic 90 package with a maximum target price of 1,5 cents. After 90 days the customer receives 8,333 coins that have cost him 3,0 cents. Then the company will give him an additional 8,333 coins so that the average value is 1,5 cents.

Table of maximum prices.

Basic 90 0,0150 €
Advanced 90 0,0145 €
Super 90 0,0138 €
Power 90 0,0133 €
Ultra Power Special 90 0,0128 €
Sumum Special 90 0,0123 €

(**) For packages purchased between 05/April/19 and 03/July/19.
IMPORTANT: The number of additional coins that the company will deliver to approximate the target value may never be more than three times the coins received as a result of the coin distribution.

As you know, we have modified the Compensation Plan in order to improve the incomes of our distributors, especially with the new Commercial Bonus, and in order to improve even more the incomes at this special time, during 90 days our distributors will receive 100% of their commissions in bitcoins, that is, 10% more commissions available in bitcoins. Apart these promotions, we will add other small changes to facilitate the activity of our distributors, such as the new Distributor package for countries where we do not currently have the card. We hope that these 3 promotions will help you to achieve the success that you deserve.

(*) If you do not know the conditions of this promotion, you can check it with your upline or contact the company. If your account was cancelled for inactivity, please contact the company.